Do politicians need to care about what they wear?

The results of the General Election 2015 for the UK has received mixed responses. With some newspaper headlines describing the result as the death of liberalism, the Labour Party and its supporters are even more devastated and we find ourselves asking: whatever happened to the left?

Everyone can’t stop talking about Sturgeon. As a general rule, it has been applied as sexist to evaluate women’s clothing in regards to their political status. Whilst yes, it is definitely not a marker of their political lineage and shouldn’t be taken too seriously to overcome the impacts of their politics, clothing remains an interesting feature when we look at Sturgeon. To put it simply, she dresses like an everyday woman or person and this I would argue is one of the reasons why she has attracted so many voters.

Sturgeon’s image is powerful. The Daily Mirror recently wrote a news article detailing Sturgeon’s style and it has been one of the reasons the Mirror has decided to ‘side’ with the SNP. This newspaper, is hardly forward thinking, yet Sturgeon’s clothing has remained an indicator of the ‘everyday person’. But it is not simply all they are talking about in this article. Her image is what attracted this seemingly Liberal (not socialist or right-winged) newspaper and made them actually consider her policies, regardless of being a woman.

With politicians such as Cameron and Miliband being criticised for the standard attire, of block tie and suit, it’s hardly inspiring for the vast majority of individuals in this country. When the only thing that differences Cameron from Clegg is a blue tie from a yellow one, they seem exactly the same, and their clothes translate to the opinions of ‘Well, isn’t every party the same?’.

I am not proposing that clothes need to be a important issue of campaigning at all. But image is powerful, and politicians style is becoming more representative of their personalities. To put it bluntly, well, they just seem more interesting.

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