My Daily Morning Routine – How To Get Up Early

Creating and sticking by my daily morning routine sets myself up for a successful day. Also helped by the fact that I am one of those weird morning people.

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I take my morning to do stuff I want to do. I’m actually writing this blog post on a lovely Wednesday morning in fact. It’s the perfect time to do that semi-productive hobby you have, as it starts waking you up, but not overly so. I also take this time to think about the day ahead and what I need to do.

  1. Firstly, go to bed early

    There’s no point me telling you how to wake up early and not feel like shit, if you go to bed late. I go to bed between 10 pm and 11 pm. I usually get out of bed at half six – this gives me a good 8-hours sleep.

    Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’m later on a weekday for whatever reason that may be, whether it’s not sleeping or just having too much of a good time to be honest. If I go to bed late, I just sack off waking up early as I’d rather make up the extra hours in sleep. Going to bed early is reliant for me on my sleep the night before.

  2. Cram a big glass of water into your daily morning routine

    The first thing I do when I wake up on a weekday is drink a big glass of water. It helps me keep awake and also signals for me to get going. Keep one on your bedside table for ease and you’re good to go!

  3. Do something you enjoy

    Whether it’s going for a run, blogging, taking pictures or just watching Netflix. If you’re not used to waking up early, pick the easiest thing you can find yourself doing at 6.30 am as part of your daily morning routine. If you can start with something easy, you can then progress on to the more productive side of things from there.

  4. Make breakfast – one you can stick to!

    I’ve often seen people making really yummy breakfasts really early on a weekday. Even though I love breakfast (favourite meal of the day), it’s often not feasible for most and the reality is barely any people even eat it anyway. Start with something simple, but also something you enjoy. If it means picking up a pack of crumpets, some strawberries or croissants on the way home the night before, do it. You’ll have something to look forward to in the morning.

  5. Have a shower first thing

    I have my showers/baths in the evenings as there is no chance I can dry this mane in the mornings. But if you’re somebody that has a shower in the morning, then do that first. Think of how you’ll have more time to prepare yourself, get ready and set yourself up for the day ahead as motivation.

So there you have it, some little tips on how to perfect your daily morning routine, from good old me! Some may seem a little obvious, but if you have an tips, please leave them in the comments below.

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Are you a morning or evening person?

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  • Today Souhaila

    great tips,I’m a morning person and feel more productive when wake up early x


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