Cane and Grain Manchester

Cane and Grain in Manchester is an all-out American diner where it is socially acceptable to eat a burger, fries and numerous sides all to yourself at Wednesday lunchtime. Like I did. As you can tell, I have no qualms about eating a shit ton of food. Cane & Grain is an American-style bar that specialises in burgers, ribs and all the meat. It’s situated on Thomas Street in Manchester, in the heart of the Northern Quarter (About a 10-minute walk from the city centre i.e. Debenhams).

It’s described as a hip New York style bar and it certainly feels it. I especially loved the wall graffiti, ‘do we fuck sell alcopops?’ .

It’s the sort of place where it feels acceptable to go for lunch when you’re at work (Like I do with most burger bars). You don’t feel awkward sitting alone there, as it’s quite small and quiet during the day. Plus you can get burgers and fries for £5 Monday-Friday.

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I went for the Cane and Grain burger, which is a classic quarter pounder with pulled pork and monterey jack cheddar. Cos you can’t beat a classic. It’s simple, yet satisfies the burger craze. I found the burgers to be quite juicy as I prefer beef to be more a medium texture (rather than rare or well done). What I didn’t manage to get a snazzy pic of were the chips/fries, which are phenomenal. Legitimately, the best I’ve had in a while. They have an amazing seasoning that kind of reminds me of peri peri salt from Nandos, but it’s much better than that obviously.

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All in all, I think this is a great place to hang out after work. It’s not too heavy or loud on the music (even though their music taste is amazingly grungy). I’m deffo going to try more of the side dishes next time, who knows I might just get a few of them, and come and get some drinks as well, as it’s just super chill. I’m going to become a side-dish whore by the time I’m finished with Cane & Grain not gonna lie. Sometimes I want something different than Almost Famous, another famous burger bar in Manchester, and this is one to consider for more relaxed in-the-day kind of style.


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