Bumble & Bumble Curly Hair Products Review

Bumble & Bumble is a brand I’ve wanted to try out for ages on my curly haired locks. And this is probably because of their packaging and branding, what a typical blogger I am.

The main reason I haven’t tried them out previously is because of the price tag. Having never been someone that uses hair products, spending above £10 on a styling product seems a little excessive for my lifestyle which is more generally ‘wash hair, sleep on it and hope for the best’. I picked up the BB Curl Defining Creme and I also received a pre-style/re-style primer mist as a sample. (Find out more about their products here!)

Sometimes hoping for the best doesn’t always work though and that’s where this comes in. For those days where my curls are really undefined and just generally, a mess – This is a great little product. It’s not the most volumising of products in the world, but that’s not its purpose. This product is simply just great for if you wake up with quite a bit of frizz and generally raggedy hair like I sometimes can do. It’s good at defining your curls and it lasts all day, due to the thicker consistency of the product.

I would say that this product is only for those that have my sort of wavy-curly hair. It doesn’t create curls if you have straight hair.

How I use it? Well I take my baths/showers at night and sleep on my hair. Then I dampen it a little bit in the morning, spruce on a little bit of the primer spray then put about a 50p coin size all over from mid-ends of my hair. Then I ‘twirl bits around until I get the curls I want. It stays all day, doesn’t feel like there’s too much product in my hair and it’s generally fab!

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Have you tried any Bumble & Bumble products? Any ones I should look out for?


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