Brunch with The Pen and Pencil, Manchester

I’m one of those people that could quite easily eat breakfast or brunch everyday 3 times a day. I recently joined The Pen and Pencil for a fab brunch this week and the fact that they’re just around the corner from my workplace makes me very happy. Little disclosure – This was an invited visit with a complimentary brunch for myself and a friend. My views on this are honest as always.

After a lovely Chai Tea (how very blogger of me) we picked a few dishes from the menu that we liked the look of. Their brunch menu is more American themed, which I personally love, but I’m sure my arteries probably don’t.

I found it so difficult to choose a dish, even though I’d looked online beforehand to choose. How is one to choose between French Toast and Pancakes?! Strangely I didn’t go for either of these and actually picked the all-American muffin which came with possibly the best hash browns known to mankind.


What I loved was how every individual part of this muffin was cooked perfectly. The bacon was crispy, the egg was gooey, the sausage patty was not overcooked. Essentially, when I order an American Muffin this is what I’m going to expect from now on. Pretty much perfection.

I always worry sometimes with brunch menu options as I often think they won’t be enough to fill me up. But in fact I was so full after it, I went into a mini food coma.

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My friend chose Heuvos Rancheros, which is a yummy little veggie option. This dish is honestly quite difficult to describe, but it’s a Mexican inspired dish with refried beans, streaky bacon, tortilla wrap and sour cream. This reminded me of a posh baked beans on toast, Mexican style

I had a lovely meal at The Pen and Pencil and please do head on over to their website and check out the menu! I’m definitely more curious to try out other options on the menu as well as try the evening meal. I also really like that the lunch and brunch menus are available all day until 5pm.

The Pen and Pencil is in a lovely little nook in the Northern Quarter down on Hilton Street, which is about an 8 minute walk from Manchester city centre (Piccadilly Gardens).

The staff were super lovely and were on hand if I needed to ask any questions about the meals in question. And as I said, every individual part of their food is just cooked to perfection and that’s what makes simple Brunch food really taste fab.

*I was invited to The Pen and Pencil for a complimentary brunch, however this does not change my views. I mean the pictures speak for themselves right?



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