Bourjois City Radiance Foundation Review

I am the sort of person that collects foundations like no other, but doesn’t actually wear them a lot. Bourjois City Radiance Foundation might have actually changed that. Drugstore/High Street foundations have seriously upped their game recently. There have been so many actually decent ones coming out. The Bourjois City Radiance Foundation is one of these.

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One thing I will say, the packaging of this foundation is very deceptive. From the way it’s packaged, you would think it’d be more of a light-weight, fluid formula style of foundation. But you’d be wrong. Whilst the coverage of this foundation is still quite light, the formula is a thick gel-cream texture. Who would’ve thought?!

The finish? Well… it’s neither dewy nor matte. It lands more on the matte side of things, but at the same time, because the coverage is still quite light, it looks more natural than anything else. I don’t notice it or feel it on my face throughout the day, which is great for me as I get so fidgety and distracted if I’m not comfortable. The neat little SPF30 is also pretty nice as well.

As a result of the formula, it does require quite a hands-on approach literally. The only brush I think would work with this foundation is a traditional foundation brush (the flat ones) because it is far too thick to work with anything else, other than hands. You learn to love the formula though the more you use it, as this foundation lasts a hella long time throughout the day and it doesn’t feel like your face is melting off by 2pm in an office.

This foundation is more suited to pinker, paler skin tones. The most obvious thing with Bourjois foundations is that they’re not suitable for darker skin tones (beyond olive skin tones) which is incredibly annoying.

Overall, I found this foundation to be quite the beaut.

Have you tried this foundation? Did you have any thoughts?

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