#WeekInPictures: Dog Walking, Yoga and Bounce Below!

As some of you may know, I finished university a few weeks ago. Some of you may be getting a little sick of me banging on about it, but it’s mind-blowing how time has flown! Here’s my #WeekInPictures about what I’ve been up to and also a cheeky review of Bounce Below.

Here are a couple of snaps of my last week and a bit. I thought I would upload a more personal post seeing as my new lens is arriving on Thursday/Friday and I don’t want to upload a beauty/fashion post before I can use it.

dogsMy arrival home was greeted by two lovely dogs. Einstein and Ziggy. Ziggy being my own dog, and Einstein a client of a local dog-walking company. My family boards dogs for extra income if you were wondering! We look after dogs when the owners are away on holiday etc. which always gives me some extra practice with my camera! Einstein is a Bassett-Hound and his name is wholly ironic as he’s one of the thickest dogs I know…


As I have arrived home also, my health has dramatically improved… The past month can be described as being dominated by Domino’s vouchers for my eating habits and it’s not done me one bit of good. I’ve recently got back into my running and yoga routine and it feels sooo good. I am now eating more vegetables that aren’t just based on toppings on pizzas and my life has thanked me for it.
I have also YogawithAdriene to thank for getting me motivated again. Thank you, you yoga goddess.

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Wednesday last week I went to Bounce Below. If you are wondering what exactly that is, it is a set of huge trampolines inside an old Welsh slate mine based in North Wales. However walking on to these trampolines was the equivalent of Bambi walking on ice: a very shaky affair… Whilst I was tempted to bring my DLSR to Bounce Below, I’m super glad I didn’t! (The photos below were taken on an iPhone 5C) There were  three different ‘areas’ of trampolines, which you could access via ladders and slides. I would say you’d have to be relatively fit for the course, as some people struggled with the ladders. I had an awesome time and my inner kid came out completely and I made some noises I didn’t know I could make. I have no sense of balance which obviously led to me being bounced on by children half my age…


We celebrated with a BBQ with some more friends and I had a fab last week (and a half!) at my university.
I have a flickr account if you want to see more of my photography (including dogs!) (here) I’ve had such a fun past week or so and it’s made me really appreciate the people I am friends with.
Thanks for reading my ramble,
E x

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