Book Wrap Up & What I recommend #1

My first book wrap up. Why? I’m not sure, I’m an English graduate and I’ve only done one post about books before. Shocking. Rather than doing a post each month on the books I’ve read, I’m going to do them whenever I feel like it. It’s also because I don’t want an overwhelming of monthly favourites posts on my blog.

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  1. Letters from a Kurd, Kae Bahar

    Firstly this book has 11 reviews on Goodreads, which is outrageous because it is excellent. A stunning story that takes place in Iraq under the Saddam Hussein regime. It addresses transgender issues, race issues and identity ones as well, all under a regime that limited Kurdish identity. I would strongly suggest this book to anyone as it really sheds light on the regime. It’s funny heartwarming as Marywan writes letters to Clint Eastwood to get him through hard times.

  1. The Bone Clocks, David Mitchell

    The first half of this book I loved. However do not get me started on the second half. This was my first David Mitchell book and maybe it wasn’t one to start with. Some characters who formed a huge part of the first half (100 pages or so) were just irrelevant in the actual plot, which I found really frustrating. I just don’t get the hype and the book style wasn’t to my taste. You can check out other reviews here, some others found it similar to myself. I couldn’t finish it (which is so rare with me!) and I can’t remember the plot particularly.

  1. The Humans, Matt Haig

    I read it in short of 2 days. If you loved the Curious Incident and/or Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy this is one to read. It follows an alien that is put into human body, a professor in fact, to erase some data to ‘save’ humans. It’s hilarious and is one of the few books that I genuinely have laughed out loud at! It’s follows a very Hot Fuzz/Shaun of the Dead sort of humour, the sort of book you can imagine Simon Pegg playing a part in the film version! Here are other rave reviews of this book.

All in all, a pretty successful book month. I usually read a book a week, but the Bone Clocks sucked the life out of me. I’m currently reading The Axeman’s Jazz and I’m hoping I’m going to get along with it.

What are you reading this month?

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  • I’m currently trying to read the Bone Clocks and I’m finding it so hard! I’m glad I’ve read this review though, I was hoping the characters from the first 100 pages would come back because I’m finding Hugo so unrelateable. I might give up now as liek you said, it really is sucking the life out of me!

    Rachel // Bright Lights

    • I thought I was the only one! They do come back – but what I got frustrated with is how i basically didn’t understand the actual plot at all! I always try to read a book all the way through, but I just couldn’t with this one. I read it until page 500. Ex

  • Leanne

    ‘the bone clocks’ doesn’t sound like my cup of tea at all! currently reading ‘dark places’ and wanting to read ‘perfume’ next. fab post x

    • It stressed me out! Really couldn’t be bothered with it lol. I’ll look those up, I’ve heard of Perfume before! Ex

  • I’ve downloaded a sample of bone clocks but I don’t think I’ll bother reading it anymore!

    • Yeah it took quite a hammering from me lol. I think it’s one for more David Mitchell hardcore fans ya know? x

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