The Blogger’s Guide to Google Search Console

I’ve heard so many people talk about how to use Google Analytics so I thought I would do something a little bit different.

Introducing – Google Search Console.

Google Analytics is helpful, but Google’s Tools doesn’t just stop there. Google Search Console allows you to see exactly the search queries people are entering for your blog among other useful things. It works similarly to Google Analytics in that you place a bit of HTML code onto your site in which Google and you can begin tracking. If you don’t know what I’m going on about, see Cat’s blog because it is probably the most useful blog on the whole topic with various blogs on it about GA.

So first of all, encode that bit of HTML onto your site. You can do this in a variety of ways. I find the easiest way is to input it into a header/blog title that appears on every page on your site.

Once you’ve done that, wait for Google Search Console to register it as a ‘property’ of your Google account.

Now onto the fun bit, Google Search Console has a variety of different things every blogger can use. The first section is probably going to have the least relevance for bloggers arguably. But if you want to go that extra bit further, then yes use them. So you know when you google a business it sometimes comes up with this: Google Search Console Pixel8 Appearance

Well that’s structured data.

Structured Data

When the site has multiple links within the Google search page. This allows Google to know a bit more about the structure of your site and allow it to affect how it appears on search. (It’s boring as hell, which is why I’ve not submitted mine in yet due to time). To create a fancy structure, you use the data highlighter tool within Google Search Console, under structured data.

To do this you submit a ‘mark-up’ essentially, a fancy google highlighter pen for your site where you manually link the pages together. (It’s boring as hell, which is why I’ve not submitted mine in yet due to time). Then you can copy the HTML/data from the finished markup and code it within your site.

You can find out more about this specifically here.

Search Traffic

Now onto my favourite bit –¬†Search traffic. In honesty, I find this bit equally as useful as Google Analytics at times, especially when you don’t know which post to do next. On Search Analytics you will see this:Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 21.18.46

On this page, you can see exactly the queries, clicks, impressions on google, Click Through Rate and Position on Google for search terms. As well as everything else.

It’s incredibly useful for if you want to learn about click through rate. Essentially the click to impression percentage, because you can have all the ‘SEO’ in the world. But if your site looks visually unappealing on Google, it aint gonna work.

To me this section is pretty self-explanatory if you understand Google Analytics, so I don’t think much needs explaining. But if I’m being stupid and ignorant, please let me know.

Keywords, Sitemaps and Site Links

As well as this, there’s also an easy function for you to see which are your content keywords for your site currently. (The ones that are being indexed the most on Google).

You can also submit a site-map to help google literally ‘map’ out your site so you can understand how its structured even more.

Google Search Console is a neat little thing to see how usable your site is and how easy you’ve made it for Google to index your site. (which in turn increases Domain Authority). Making Google’s life a lot easier really has improved my impressions, DA and PA, if that is something you’re interested in.

You can also find out who is linking to your site the most on the ‘links to your site’ section.

Plus Google will even email you if there’s something serious with your site that is affecting it. How cool is that? I am not the master of this, so please take what I say with a pinch of salt. SEO & improving my site has taken a while due to time restraints but I’m finally beginning to make an effort. I might as well use those SEO skills I’ve learnt in my career so far right?

What Google tools do you use?


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