Big Book Haul – Atwood, Hobb and Forster

I’ve never written much about books on my blog before. These days I collect more books than I do lipsticks or makeup, so I thought I might as well put a post up about my recent haulage! I’ve also recently started delving into ‘lighter reads’ and young adult fiction, because sometimes I don’t want to read Lolita, War and Peace or Crime and Punishment. I joke but I do actually read heavy books constantly and I needed a break.

  1. Dragon Haven, Robin Hobb

    Go read Robin Hobb. Right now. If you were like me and watched Game of Thrones before you read it, which ruined reading the series, read this instead. Now, don’t get me wrong, Game Of Thrones is very different to this series. For one, the detail in GoT is intense, because it’s so incredibly detailed. Hobb’s books aren’t that detailed. Hobb’s books are easy to read, well written and the characters in these books are more YA suited, but still interesting. To learn more about the plot click here. This book is the second in the series.

  2. Alias Grace, Margaret Atwood

    It wouldn’t be a book haul without Margaret Atwood. I went to a discussion with her at Manchester Literature Festival last year and my obsession has been fueled ever since. Alias Grace follows ‘one of the most enigmatic and notorious women of the 1840s’ – A ‘murderess’. I love Atwood’s characters. She writes so consistently and her books are not hard to read, as I previously thought. If you identify as a feminist or are just interested in women’s issues, give her a read. Regardless, if you’re not, give her a read anyway.

  3. A Passage to India, E.M.Forster

    I’ve been meaning to read A Passage to India for a while, but I’ve only just bought it. It follows British rule in India in the early twentieth century and explores the racial divisions between Brits and Indians. I can’t wait to get into this as I frequently read postcolonial fiction. I read the opening page and was just sold on the language. I’m not really sure what to expect but I’m hoping it’s not Rudyard Kipling racist!

If you’d like me to do some reviews of these books please let me know! I’m hoping to do more book related posts in the future as I’m learning to love reading again. If you’d like to read my previous reviews, click here. As well as my post on being a ‘Bad Feminist’ (e.g. the book)


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