The Beginner’s Guide to Blogging

Blogging has become so competitive these days, let’s face it.

There are streams upon streams of new bloggers setting up websites, obtaining self-hosted domains and having an active social media presence. It can be quite intimidating setting up a new blog naturally. I started this little blog simply because I’d finished university with a serious hole in my life and I knew my career after uni would be related to blogging, bloggers etc.

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So here’s how I went about setting up a blog and I’m going to be honest with you, kay? After you’ve chosen whether blogger, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace etc. are right for you (which is whole other topic), this might help you out.

  1. Figure out why you want to write

    Do you want to write for your business? Do you want to receive PR samples and write content for them? Do you eventually want to make blogging something you could live off? Or do you just want to write for no particular reason? For myself, it’s a bit of everything. But there’s no shame in making any of the above reasons, a reason why you blog. Blogging takes effort regardless and we all do the same thing ultimately which is write, but for different reasons.

  2. Stop stressing about your content & just write

    I remember when I first set up my blog, I stressed about themes, what my content would be about, who would read it etc. The list goes on. The only solid advice I would give is to find out who you want to write for and what they’re interested in. I write for young women 18-25, but that’s not to say my blog doesn’t appeal to older identifying women or men as well. There’s no point holding off setting your blog up, so just bloody do it already. If you want to make it more targeted (e.g. solely beauty blog, solely fashion blog) fair enough – You do you.

  3. Choose whether you want to buy a domain or not

    Not everybody’s writing to be the next Zoella or Neil Patel. Some people write because they want to showcase their writing skills to future employers and some people write as an emotional release. It’s also not necessarily a must-do. It really depends how much you want to take blogging seriously and I wouldn’t buy a domain instanly if I’m honest, you won’t be sure if you keep up with your blog over the months.

  4. Forget SEO (for the time being)

    People throw around the term SEO like nobodies business. But you want to know the biggest SEO secret? Well, it’s just writing good interesting content. SEO does make a difference in the long term, but when you’re using a or domain, you can’t make the most of SEO tactics.

  5. HAVE FUN!

    If you’re not having fun, neither are your readers. Forcing content just looks forced and it can get quite uncomfortable to read. Whether it’s only blogging now and then, it’s completely fine.

Blogging takes time. I didn’t properly get ‘into’ blogging after about 4/5 months. Figuring out why you want to blog is crucial really. Everybody’s doing their own thing with blogging and there’s no right way with it. For me, my day job is social media & content writing. I try to keep this blog as far away from that (even though it’s related). After all, even though I love my job, I don’t want this blog to become one. Girl gotta have a break.

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  • Yiotou_La

    The best advice is the last one: have fun. As long as you are loving what you are doing and not bored all the time because ”you have to write another post” and force yourself to write one. There are some days that I have no inspiration at all, which is normal, and I just take a break. But I love this and I wouldn’t imagine not doing it 🙂



    • Exactly! It’s completely normal to not want to write a blog post at times. It makes me simultaneously happy and sad to see how much of a job this has become for some people. x

  • Cat

    Yesss this advice is all so spot on. It makes me sad when bloggers are obsessing over SEO and Moz scores when they’re just starting out…it sucks the fun out of it. 100% agree about getting your own domain and having your own control over it all though. x

  • This is some great advice:) I’m not a new blogger but I will still keep these tips in mind!

    Emily xo

    • Eleanor

      Thank you for reading 😀 x

  • These are actually impressive ideas in regarding blogging.

    You have touched some good points here. Any way keep up wrinting.


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