I turned 24 the other week and I have some general thoughts to share. In essence, 23 was probably one of the best years of my life, if we’re going to do it in regards to birthdays.


Turning 24, Birthday Girl,

My career took off and I gained a grounding in it, which let’s be honest is the hardest part these days. I met a ton of people, lost a ton of people (the not-so-great part) and moved out of my parent’s house. It was pretty sweet, as so much happened and for once I felt my mental health could actually handle it.

But there’s one thing that is just ‘niggling me’ so to speak… just how many people I’ve met and lost. I don’t know whether this is just a natural part of getting old (it probably is). However for me, 23 was the year I just met a lot of acquaintances, but not necessarily made many friends.

I think this is a massive ‘city thing’, as it’s fucking easy let’s be honest to meet people. Whether that’s dating, going to events or whatever, it’s just working up the courage (and effort) to go. The ratio, between the amount of people I met in comparison to the ones I kept in touch with, is pretty high tbh. This is beginning to sound like a storyline straight out of Girls, so I’ll move on.

23 was also the year I just started to have disposable income and I became so much more independent. I mean you can see this in my last post, ‘An Idiot-Proof Guide to Travelling Alone’. I started travelling alone, something I’ve wanted to do for years. It’s kind of the year I began not to give a fuck. I still deeply care what people think about me unfortunately but I’m getting there.

I’m in a bit of a limbo period at the moment however. A lot of things have changed, including myself and I’m not really sure what I’m doing at the moment. I’ve been struggling mental health wise and I’m going to counselling once again. I’m hoping to feel a little bit more stable in a lot of things tbh. I need a hobby (or 3).

Overall, 23 was a bit of tumultuous, but amazing year.

Here’s hoping to an even better year!

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  • I hope 24 is a good year too. I can deffo relate to losing people. I’m 23 and it feels the same for me.


  • The Sunday Mode

    Sounds like you’ve had so many changes but also really made awesome progressions as well, good for you girl! So far 23 has been a crazy year for me as well, I feel like I’ve grown a lot but then there’s still so many things I need and want to work on. Also, I don’t know if it’s something about the age 23 but honestly, this year I’ve felt so lonely and like I have barely no really good friends anymore :/

    Julia // The Sunday Mode