A Dreamy Face Primer… From Balance Me Beauty

Yes, I am still going on about Balance Me on my blog. After my blog post on great brand (literally a wonder), Balance Me contacted me asking if I would like to try out any more of their products for review. Obviously, I said yes, and here we are. The Balance Me Instant Lift Pore Minimiser is a lovely face primer that comes in neat, travel-friendly packaging meaning I don’t have to sacrifice it on my morning scramble-to-the-train makeup routine.

Balance Me’s products combine two of my favourite things – Skincare & Makeup. I never feel like their products are clinging awkwardly to my face halfway through the day as they are more on the lighter side of things. This face primer contains my bae of skincare ingredients, Hyaluronic Acid, so I was immediately sold.

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It’s plumping, hydrating and has the perfect balance of siliconey-feel primer to standard moisturiser. It’s perfectly in the middle and that’s why I laaave it. But this primer isn’t one you slap on to go to a sweaty club (even though I literally don’t remember the last time I did #grannyoverhere), it’s more of an everyday primer. It covers open pores and smooths over your skin like no other, making for an amazing, comfortable everyday base. I cannot emphasise enough how flawless my skin looks with this. I’ve never met a face primer that has done such a good job at covering the fact that I’ve not done a face mask in a couple of weeks.

This primer works amazingly in photos in particular. If you’re out and about and know that the selfie cam is coming out – Use this. As I said, not a sweaty club primer, more of an afternoon tea with the ladies primer.

If you like your makeup on the lighter side of things, then I would definitely honestly recommend Balance Me. Their products are so comfortable to wear, and I just love their ‘beauty philosophy’ which revolves around results-led skincare that you know will just work. Basically, if you have NO time in the morning for putting da slap on, this is a great brand to try out.

*This post is sponsored by Balance Me Cosmetics as I was sent these items, I’ve previously used the Tinted Wonder Eye Cream which I wrote about before that was unsponsored cos it was just hella good

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  • Stefanie Meier

    I’ve never heard of this brand so happy I got to see your review

    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin’

  • I’m always looking for primers that will minimise my pores, and none that I’ve tried so far have done that great a job at it – definitely want to give this one a go though, it sounds really good.

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    • Thanks for reading 🙂 It’s a good’un – Been really enjoying a lot of their products so far. But I was really impressed by how it settled really nicely to minimise pore appearance etc.



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