Appreciating The Simple Things More

So if you didn’t know my mental health has been tested recently and I’ve been going to a counsellor as part of recovery (which you can read more about here). And there are a few things I’ve noticed over the last few weeks as I’ve been recovering.

Appreciating the simple things has been part of my recovery and I’m not saying that in a ‘cheer up’ kind of way. For myself, mental health issues tend to strip me of personality and everything becomes less enjoyable, but not because I’m ‘sad’, but because I can’t usually feel anything. Going about my days increasingly with less awareness and sense is not a great state to be in, so I got help.

The tiniest thing such as changing my bedsheets, making a brew or putting my watch on in the morning (shameless plug of my new watch from Olivia Burton there, but it’s just so pretty!) just took ages. It’s taken time that’s all I’m saying to get myself on track for recovery.

I’ve spoken previously about mindfulness on the blog and it’s something that has been integral to my recovery previously. It’s not necessarily a hippy sort of meditation (unless you want it to be). For me, it’s more focusing on a certain sense, whether that’s touch, sight or smell, then zoning in on it and listening to when and where your mind wanders, then bringing it back to the focal point.

Now don’t get me wrong, it can be hard. Well it is, I think the 21st century is quite naturally an anxious world. There are so many sights, sounds and smells in our day to day lives that a million years ago we wouldn’t have had to deal with. Mindfulness takes practice and usually guidance. It eases simultaneously both my anxiety and depression.

Regaining my senses and awareness is well, the best thing. I’m not taking it for granted, I’ve started to appreciate the simple things. Such as making food and enjoying it, being able to get close to people without being paranoid, Deliveroo… (I joke, but seriously though Deliveroo is the best.) Learning how to challenge myself without it being too much has also been important. Like the line is thin there and it’s a difficult one to judge.

Appreciating the simple things has always been integral to my happiness levels. Mindfulness is something I’m trying to practice throughout my day. You’re meant to do it in every action, but I’m not quite there yet, but I was so I know it’s possible.

What are your thoughts on mindfulness?



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