Lunch at Alabama’s All American Eatery

Do you ever just visit somewhere for food and dream about said food for the next few weeks? Well that’s Alabama’s All American Eatery in Manchester for me. I visited a few weeks ago with my work gals for food and it was honestly blimmin’ beautiful. This place is nestled in the Northern Quarter.

So here’s me gushing about pancakes in 300 or so words.

Oftentimes, I go to American food places and a lot of the time, it’s kind of the same thing. The food tastes great because it’s overloaded with fat, cream and butter, but you essentially know what you’re going to get. But Alabama’s is now probably my new favourite place in Manchester for anything American food related.

The food is so memorable because the portions are always just enough. The bacon’s super crispy, the pancakes are insanely fluffy and everything is cooked amazingly. Have I said the word amazing too much yet?

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I chose this time the ‘peanut butter and chocolate’ 3-stack pancakes, which made way for a pretty big food coma in the afternoon at work. I only just finished this stack and that’s after skipping breakfast as well! Doesn’t the picture kind of say it all?

The decor of Alabama’s is very sixties-esque. It’s very homely and the decor is largely turquoise and warm oak toned. When I went last Friday, they even had some lovely Halloween decorations!

Alabama's, Alabama's All American Eatery, Manchester, Alabama's Eatery, Northern Quarter,

I would strongly recommend a visit if you can in the week as this place gets very busy at the weekend and you’ll be waiting for a table. The prices are reasonable, ranging from £6.00 to £13.00 so it’s quite affordable for what you get as well. You can get sandwiches, philly cheesesteaks, baguettes, all-day breakfasts; All sorts really! You can see their menu further here.

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Another place I really enjoy for food is the Pen and Pencil which is on Hilton Street. Great for more breakfast/brunch food! You can find more of my food reviews in Manchester here

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Let me know if you have any favourite places in Manchester to eat!