A little introduction I think is needed…

My name is Eleanor Hirst. I am a (nearly!) graduate of English Literature and my two main passions are photography and fashion (whether it be PR or journalism). I hope to continue this blog to meet some new likeminded clothes/beauty obsessed people to indulge in my little hobby with and hopefully make some new friends!
There will be everything from reviews, to lifestyle sections with a dash of fashion. I will also write political pieces, display my work/photography on here as well. I have many different interests and I hope I can include this on my blog.
Be prepared for many pictures of my dog…
(Also I tried to pose for the camera for these selfies as I wasn’t sure how to go about putting up a photo of myself, so I put 4! Meaning that you get 4 lovely photos of myself aren’t you lucky…)

Hopefully you like what you see πŸ™‚

E x

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  • Bring on the dog pics! I just did a puppy intro myself so I’m down with the crazy dog ladies of the Internet!

  • Agreed bring on the dog photo’s. I have three myself and am a huge animal lover so excited to see a few posts and get to meet them too. Looking forward to getting a few photography tips as well πŸ˜€



    • I will bear that in mind! πŸ˜€ I actually have a photography post scheduled for soon ☺️ x


I’m Eleanor, a UK Manchester based Lifestyle & Beauty Blogger. I write about beauty products, feminism, mental health and my adventures in the big city of MCR.

Contact: hello@elleanorwears.com