8 photos that make me happy!

Looking for embarrassing moments off me? Well look no further, because these 8 photos of happiness are honestly some of my favourites that I can look back on and just smile. I’m actually quite atrocious at remembering to take photos, selfies or any other form of entertainment.

  1. Oh gosh, my best friend will probably kill me for putting this up on here. No we’re not dressed as the Ku-Klux Clan or any form of white supremacist organisation, even though some people think that! We were dressed as ‘Tee-pees’, the Native-American home. A friend of ours had a ‘cowboys and indians’ themed party and naturally we went all out. Screw the ‘let’s just put a flannel shirt on’ mentality for this theme, we made the whole thing, including some rather terrible drawings of buffalos. Is it slightly racist against native american peoples? Who knows? I can’t quite decide (We were 15, let me just clarify.)30199_400502114862_1990618_n
  2. This next photo is of me and my boyfriend, though I tend to be steering more to the word ‘partner’ now. This photo was taken the first time I went down to visit him in that realm you call, London. We went for a trip out to Cam-dannnn. We found a tea shop nestled within an antiques shop at the bottom of the inside-bit (wow, such knowledge Eleanor). They actually made decent tea, which is rare down south (Sorry Southerners). This may have been our first photo together, selfie-wise, because we’re a bit rubbish with photos. I had red velvet cake and a cup of tea, whilst George had a coke-float. Just so you know, we don’t take many pictures of each other selfie wise, and I couldn’t find the original of this photo.
  3. So this is a photo of myself looking rather exhausted after my university ‘Great Gatsby Ball’. I ran an English Literature & Creative Writing society during university, most of this night I spent running around trying to take pictures of people at the event, check everything ran smoothly (which it did thank god). I recall I was also editing the pages for the paper the few days before, and I was so exhausted until it actually came to the night! My poor best friend had a sprained ankle sadly and I couldn’t spend much time with her so that was a bit of a shame. We had 250 people (I think?) attend the event, we hired a jazz band etc etc. Great night!11042990_743074489140723_6381968386221416860_n
  4. This is a photo of part of my inter-railing experience. If you’re wondering, we went to Amsterdam, Berlin, Salzburg, Venice, Geneva and finished in Paris! It was a fantastic experience for us as 18 year olds, and despite our parents doubts about us making it out alive, we did it!426903_10151027659614863_390866248_n
  5. A photo about happiness could not be complete without a photo of my Ziggy. I didn’t realise how much Ziggy makes me happy, until I came back home. Taking him out for walks everyday really has helped my mood, and I feel so great as dogs can so easily make you feel loved. 11179262163_2bbe9fa840
  6. A photo of my uni bezzies, Amy and Glen, is definitely needed. I put this as the last photo, because honestly I couldn’t have made it throughout university without this gang. Hopefully we’ll all stay friends for years. These were part of my rock through some tough times and I’m sorry if I ever took anything out on you. 10429269_10205593256725372_398937802647010910_n
  7. A photo of my favourites, Erin, Ellie and Rivkah. This is a throwback to an old holiday we did in Conwy, who needs Ibiza anyway? Erin sadly passed away a few years ago, and this holiday gives me some real positive memories of those times.
  8. 198650_10150272332689863_173057_nHopefully this gave you a little insight into my life and made you guys feel like you’ve ‘got to know me’. This post is quite quickly hashed together, as I’ve been DYING to do a post. Thanks for reading.
    E x


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