7 Things I’ve Been Enjoying Since Moving to Manchester

Oh hello, remember me? 

I’ve not blogged in ages, well what’s new there? In the last few months, I’ve been taking time to fully settle into my new place in Manchester and been making some pretty amazing pancakes pretty much every weekend. Had to show them off, hence the picture.

Getting to know the area, joining new groups and meeting new people has been top on my priority compared to blogging. Soz. I have quite literally been out every evening (not necessarily drinking) for about 2 months and now I’m ready to chill a bit more. I also need to save my bank balance after an indulgent, yet necessary, first month in the big city.

It’s been so much fun, but oh how I have missed you blogging.

I’m aiming to post two quality blog posts a week for the time being, so aren’t you in for a treat. Here are the 9 Things I’ve been loving since I’ve moved out. New cliched self-discovery post right over here…

  1. Cooking my own food

    Don’t get me wrong, I do miss my home-cooked meals from home every now and then. But being able to freely try new recipes, such as this one pictured, is amazing.

  2. Being able to do things in the evening

    Before I would need to always have to factor in my train time for when I was going home and it’s such a relief not having to worry about. Any socialising with friends in the city would have to take into account the fact I live far away.

  3. The sheer amount of stuff there is available to do all the time

    There’s so much to do all the time. It’s great. I’m constantly spamming my friend’s Facebook walls with events I’m interested in as I want to try so many new things all the time.

  4. Gigs and events I can now go to

    And on a weeknight! Shocking, I know. I recently went to see De La Soul on a Thursday night!

  5. Making new friends

    Since finishing university, I’ve documented my struggle having a friendship group that’s scattered across the country various times. Making new friends has become easier since joining my local roller derby group, joining a Women’s Institute, and just generally ‘putting myself out there’.

  6. Discovering new areas within Manchester

    I’ve moved to an area of Manchester I previously wasn’t too familiar with. But honestly, there are certain quirks to every area of this city that I love.

  7. Deliveroo.

    Nuff’ said. Food all the time.

Okay okay, you’re probably tired of me talking about how much I love living in Manchester city centre right now.

Are you moving out soon?

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  • Kat

    It’s so great to hear that you’re enjoying living in Manchester!


    • Eleanor

      Ahh thank you! 🙂

      eleanor x

  • Heather

    Ahh I’m glad you’re enjoying moving out! I miss living on my own so much, I think being able to try new recipes was definitely what I enjoyed the most! Hope you continue to enjoy Manchester! 🙂

    Heather Xx

    • Eleanor

      Ah definitely – Thank you so much for reading! 🙂 x

  • Rhiannon Blewer

    Congratulations on moving out! I’m back home for the summer after my final year of uni and I already miss cooking and the quiet!xo


    • Eleanor

      Thanks Rhiannon! Ahh it’s not too bad, saves money at least! 🙂



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