7 Free Tools All Bloggers Need

Whether we want to admit it or not, we bloggers love it when our page views go up. Social Media has helped bloggers tremendously I was originally going to make this post applicable to businesses as well, so if anybody would like to see that let me know! Hopefully this is helpful, and some of these tools are ones you don’t know about.

Right Relevancy and Google Trends

Both of these essentially do the same thing. They pull together articles that are trending and/or popular on a subject, and by trending I mean the ones that are getting the most shares. Depending what ‘type’ of blogger you are, this will be either really useful for some or not at all, but it’s always a good way to understand the types of articles that are getting the most clicks. (e.g. everybody loves list style posts) I find Google Trends much more relevant for my blog most of the time, as this pulls together all the google queries that are getting more or less popular.


A ridiculously easy way to create graphics for your blog. Like seriously, ridiculously easy. Whilst I use photoshop most of the time, I find this app can really cut down time when creating certain graphics if you just want to place a font over a photo.


For some reason, it’s harder than it should be on Photoshop to create photo collages, but Picmonkey does it excellently. I prefer the fonts on canva compared to Picmonkey, but for simple things it’s great!


This site allows you to search hashtags for topics. Working in Social Media, I often wondered why there wasn’t an easier way to find hashtags people actually use – Then I found this tool. Just search in the toolbar a potential hashtag, e.g. #beauty, then it will pull together the ones that are actually being used.

Hemingway and Grammarly

If you’re like me, you struggle to keep things things concise. This would have saved me so much time at university, not gonna lie. Grammarly scans your blog for grammar and punctuation. Whilst Hemingway scans your blog to see whether you’re rambling and your writing is not succinct enough. Essentially, they both make your writing a lot easier to read!

Broken Link Checker (WordPress Plugin)

I’ve found a few bloggers that manually go through their blogs looking for broken links. So a plugin that scans your whole blog for them would make life a hell of a lot easier right? This is why you need this, you can easily remove, edit broken links making life a heck of a lot easier.

Yoast SEO (WordPress Plugin)

Most bloggers know of this tool, but if you don’t, where have you been?! This scans your blog posts for SEO making sure you can optimise it easily, yet effectively.

Free Stock Photos





Do you have any tools you find useful?



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  • Ooh thank you this is so so handy! I’m going to be looking at Ritetag after this! I’ve heard that Iconosquare is also good, it’s on my to do list to install it!

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

    • Ritetag is so useful! Sometimes i have a complete hashtag block haha x

  • Cat

    Oooh I’d not heard of Right Relevance before and it’s the exact sort of tool I’ve been looking for…you absolute legend! I also find Canva to be a god send, because although I use photoshop, I’m not exactly the best at it and can’t do fancy things to make nice looking graphics! Another tool I like to use is Tweetdeck – ideal for Twitter chats and keeping an eye on popular hashtags 🙂 x

    • Do it! It’s good I find it very useful for multiples clients. I think it’s more useful for lifestyle bloggers such as yourself 🙂

      eleanor x

  • Steph Marston

    This is so helpful, thanks so much for sharing! Steph x

  • Helen

    This is such a useful blogpost, thank you so much! I’m definitely going to check out Canva, I’ve been looking for something to create my graphics!

    Great post lovely ❤️

    • Eleanor

      Thanks Helen for the lovely comment! Canva’s fab for creating graphics – Was introduced to it by a workmate actually!

      eleanor x

  • I didn’t know about some of these, thanks for sharing! It’s so annoying that you can only use WordPress plugins if you’re self-hosted 🙁

    • Eleanor

      I know right?! It’s one of the reasons I switched ngl… x

    • I feel the same. I am forever reading about cool plugins but I cannot get them 🙁

  • Awesome. I am definitely checking out Canva and Ritetag. I usually use Befunky for all my photos, they have some cool fonts on there too.

  • So handy! I’ve now installed the broken links checker, I need to give my site a serious audit this weekend! Run some speed checks etc and this link checker will save me so much time! Also didn’t know about Right Relevancy, win. Thanks!

    Honestly Aine

    • Eleanor

      Haha thank you! E x