6 Months On – Life after Antidepressants

I’m really outdoing myself recently on coming up with quite depressing blog post titles, aren’t I? But this is something people have asked me about doing a blog post on, so here I am! It’s been approximately 6 months since I came off antidepressants. For those interested/curious, I was on a 100mg daily dosage of Sertraline.

At points, I’ve really struggled.

This is not intended as an advice post on whether you should come off your medication. Only you can know that and your doctor can help you come to that conclusion. Please go to your doctor before coming off medication, it can have super serious consequences otherwise.

There’s no shame in going back on your medication

Okay so you might be thinking, ‘Hey I’m reading this post on how to get off them, not how to stay on them’, but honestly it happens. I tried to get off mine once previously. Long story short – It didn’t end well. I felt like such a failure and ended up going back on them. There’s no shame in it happening. Coming off antidepressants is a process and part of that process might be you going back on them.

Antidepressants don’t create a ‘fake happiness’

For me, antidepressants didn’t actually make me happier. I made myself happier. Antidepressants just made it easier to deal with a rubbish situation, which in turn helped me feel happier over time as I moved out of a crappy situation. It’s a sad affair that is usually just helped for me by talking to somebody.

Keeping busy is important

I came off my antidepressants when I was feeling genuinely good about myself and my situation. I’d just moved into a stable job, had a regular income and I lived with my parents so there was no financial burden. Whilst I was lonely at times, I was around people for most of the day and it really helped me to focus on something.

I was very hesitant to do this blog post in all honesty. This is just personal experience. And I’m more just saying that yes, there is a life after antidepressants and it isn’t completely horrendous. Depression and PTSD still do play a part in my life – But the times they do are getting rarer and rarer.

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  • Cat

    It’s great that you’ve shared this post as I know it’s a topic that not many like to cover. I also had a stint of taking Sertraline and personally for me, it worked really well up to a point but I was also exhausted all the time and some of the emotions I felt did *feel* artificial. I came off it and felt really sick for a few days, but then was fine. I luckily haven’t felt like I need to go back on anti-depressants since but it does make me feel mad when people feel like anti-depressants are not a viable option for people – but in the same way I get mad at the idea that people would also think that they are the ‘ultimate’ answer to all issues with depression, anxiety and/or other mental health problems.

    • Eleanor

      Exactly! It’s a really sensitive topic but I knew that people were interested in hearing my side of things. I also think just things like medication, contraception etc, can really affect how I feel/my mood. I felt a little artificial at times, but ultimately over time I was able to create my own happiness. ex

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  • I love that you’ve shared this. I’ve been off my meds for about 8 months now and it’s been the hardest thing in the world. My depression and anxiety have been all over the place but I’m determined to keep trying – like you say, there’s no shame in going back on meds but I want to feel like I’ve given a really good go without them before going back. We’ll see how it goes but knowing that there’s other people out there going through similar things is always so reassuring.

    Dani | brighteyedandbewildered.com | flourishingfreelancer.com

    • Eleanor

      No problem! I was hesitant putting it up, because I didn’t want to sound smug! So many people are in similar situations, it’s quite relieving in a way. E x

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  • I found this post really fascinating because I feel like there’s a lot of stigma around anti-depressants and people don’t really know what they are or what they do. I’m so glad you’ve had a good experience coming off them this time around 🙂

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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