5 Ways To Live A More Positive And Self-Fulfilling Life

It seems these days everybody is obsessed with the words ‘productivity’ and ‘happiness’. These are just a few ways I cheer myself up, I have many more, but these are the ones I’ve been enjoying recently! I love setting goals for myself and new ways to combat depression and anxiety, so here’s what I’ve discovered recently.

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  1. Begin a Scrapbook:

    Since I’ve started my scrapbook I have absolutely fallen in love with it. I love arts & crafts and scrapbooking is one of the simplest ways to be creative that I think anybody can do! Train tickets, memorable photos, I’m finding it’s a great way to reflect on good, positive memories.

  2. Sign-up for a half-marathon:

    Recently, I have not had the ‘running-bug’ so to speak, not out of a lack of motivation, but simply because I’ve been doing other forms of exercise! I recently ran a 5k in 30 minutes, so I don’t think my muscles have deteriorated or my fitness level has gone down. I want to do a half marathon early next year to get back on it and improve! Races are so much fun, the energy is intense and everybody wants more endorphins right?

  3. Switch off from social media: 

    I spend a lot of time on social media and honestly it can easily get quite depressing. It’s part of my job. Comparison is inevitable, jealousy is rife, and to put it bluntly, there are a lot of morons on the internet. Once a day, I make a point of leaving my phone and taking my dog for an hour-long walk, it calms my anxiety down.

  4. Get involved in your local community:

    Get involved in local communities, whether that’s volunteering or gardening. There are also events you can take part in in your local city, via meetup.com for those that feel a bit lonely and it’s a great way to meet new people! I like taking photos of the dogs my parents board and look after, and I print them out at the end of their stay and give them to the owners for free.

  5. Compliment a stranger:

    In a society where compliments in the street are usually thought as wolf-whistling and sexual harassment from men, paying other people genuine compliments can really brighten up their day. I tend to notice little things about people, usually their outfits or shoes, on first meetings and I just think I might as well compliment them. The way I see it is… if I get a compliment from a stranger, I’m pretty chuffed with myself!

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  • Love you list! Good luck 🙂

  • Sarah Amanda

    Great ideas! I love complimenting strangers too because it’s nice to make people feel good and you end up feeling good as a result too 🙂

  • Rookienotes

    great list!

  • great tips! I try and always switch off from social media on weekends, it is a big struggle though! lol I used to scrap book and I adored it, I don’t really know why I stopped but thats a really good one!

  • I love complimenting strangers! I do that quite often 🙂
    Would you maybe consider sharing your scrapbooking with us? Maybe write a post about it? I’d love to see what you’re putting there…


    • This bloody comment went in my spam comments post, no idea why! Yeah sure! I’ll do a post on it soon, just gotta work on it for a bit haha.

      E x


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