5 Cute Video Games for de-stressing

After the success of my recent post on video games for those that loved The Sims, I thought I would write one for you 90s kids. There have been so many good game remakes recently from the nineties. Probably some games you’ve forgotten about!

I’ve made an effort to choose video games that are as non-violent as possible in this selection.

  1. Oddworld: Tasty Evolution

    Oddworld is the cutest video game ever. It has quite a dark subject matter, but the voices, catchphrases and hand gestures are fantastic. It’s mostly non-violent and is focused on you puzzle-solving your way out of a dictatorship to save the world. It runs as a two-dimensional game, like an arcade game, but the game itself is quite long but still enjoyable! It’s violent in some ways, but not in a ‘let’s grab this gun and shoot people’ it’s more puzzle based.

  2. Unravel

    If you’ve ever seen Little Big Planet in action, this is very similar! My only criticism is that it’s quite a short video game, but the graphics are stunning. It’s quite difficult to explain, but essentially you are a creature born out of knitting bits and pieces (wool) and you gradually ‘unravel’ as you move through the world, until you find more bits of wool to build yourself up with! I would wait until it goes down in price as it is an EA game (known for being overpriced!) video games, video game recommendations, elleanorwears

  3. Portal (1 or 2)

    If you haven’t played or heard of Portal (one or two), where have you been? Portal is a puzzle based game, with acting voices such as Stephen Merchant, so it is incredibly nerdy yet popular! You literally shoot portals and move through a world. There’s nothing violent about these video games and it’s quite calming (but can still be frustrating when you get stuck!). There is a story to this video game but I don’t really want to give it away!

  4. Child of Light

    In Child of Light you play Aurora. A child that must bring back the sun, moon and stars to combat the child of night. You quite literally bear light around this game, and is also similarly a puzzle-game. I t’s a side-scroller game, once again two dimensional, but it’s a super fun and visually stunning game to play. video games, elleanorwears, 5 video games, destressing,

  5. Journey

    Journey had rave reviews from gamers and you are essentially a space explorer in this game. You journey through a post-apocalyptic world that is more deserty and with less people. It’s supposed to instill a sense of ‘wonder’ according to the wikipedia page and it certainly does.

Do you have any video games you like to chill out to? Any recommendations?!

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  • Imogen

    Off to play these video games! I love when they’re not super aggressive and stressful.
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

    • Eleanor

      Yesss! I love games like Little Big Planet as well even tho I get so involved haha x


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