Life After Graduation – 5 Things I Would Have Told Myself

Life after Graduation, yes it does exist. It’s coming round to that time of year again where workplaces across the country have a new batch of graduates to devour. It’s been a year since I graduated and a s*** tonne has happened since I graduated. I quit my first graduate job after 4 months, went self-employed, a relationship broke down.

  1. There’s no shame in doing valuable work for free

    If you are privileged enough to be able to work for free and have a supportive family with little money pressures, then just bloody take that unpaid internship. Many student unions might hate me for saying that, but it’s a reality that you need the dreaded ‘experience‘ for most jobs. However, nobody deserves to be disrespected in the workplace whether you’re paid or not and there are plenty of valuable workplaces out there that will appreciate the unpaid work you done for them and it could very well lead to a paid position.

  2. Chill the f*** out

    I’m still not sure why I spent so much time stressed at university when I didn’t need to be. Getting a 2.2 grade felt like the end of the world, when in reality, it really wasn’t. I’ve not even been asked about my degree yet and I’m getting to the stage now in the workplace where I probably won’t get asked ever. Just chill the f*** out. Your future employer will appreciate you chilling the fuck out honestly.

  3. Embrace living with your parents after graduation

    Third year is the penultimate ‘I’ve lost control over my life’ year – I think we’ll all agree. Many people after graduation move to live with their parents and it’s great ngl. It costs a lot to live in the real world with an apartment, council tax, car insurance and Netflix (the essential). And if you’re self-employed like me, ya got the old income tax that rolls around once a year. Take advantage of living with your parents, because one day you will have to iron shirts for yourself.

  4. Nobody has their shit together

    You’ll probably lose contact with quite a few people you were quite friendly with at university. Sorry. Whether it’s a relationship ending or just a friendship, it can be quite hard to let go of them. You really have no idea what is going to happen after university. Whether your first job goes to shit (like mine did) or a relationship ends (like mine did) – It can be an incredibly difficult time It’s simultaneously terrifying and exhilarating.

  5. Your degree is valuable

    Your degree is so much more than your degree… If that makes any sense. No matter what, you survived university whether you dropped out after first year or went through a PhD. Whilst you might feel that your degree isn’t getting you anywhere, it totally is. Whether it’s hard work, time management or just learning some social skills, your degree is valuable. You just gotta beat all those bitches to the top and show them that you’re worth it with what you bring.

Life after graduation isn’t the end of the world. In fact there’s a whole new world out there to explore and try to embrace being terrified as much as you can. Massive cheesy cliché I know. Finding a graduate job can take ages – It’s just the way it is sadly. But once you get that first stepping block from a company, it gets so much easier. I wrote about my experience graduating a little over a year ago and how I landed my first job. I also wrote about 5 productive things to do after graduation, as well as mental health at university.


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  • I know this is a bit out of the blue because it’s an old post but I stumbled across your blog on Twitter and had a little peruse of some of your posts. Your site is fab!

    I graduated last July and I’m still unemployed, did an internship from hell and quit after a month, while all my friends have walked into fancy jobs with salaries. So 7 months after graduation I’m in that crappy post-graduation limbo and I miss university so much even though I struggled there too. But I’m glad I read this post because it did make me feel less like a failure! It’s reassuring to know that not everyone has a perfect post-university experience. It’s hard not to feel alone and hopeless when you’re feeling down on yourself for not being super successful as soon as you graduate.

    Congratulations for being where you are now and finding a career you enjoy! 🙂

    Sorry for waffling on – I know commenting on an old post is a bit random but I just wanted to let you know I appreciated this blog post 🙂 I only wish I could have found it before I graduated!

    Lozzy x


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