5 Things I’ve Learnt Since I Started a Blog

You might have noticed I’ve been a little bit absent from the blog in a while. Every now and then my blog takes a little bit of a beating due to myself being extremely busy. Alongside a full-time job and a big freelance client, I try to keep this little blog going alongside it as well. Ultimately I don’t always want to be doing digital marketing 24/7 which is ultimately what blogging entails.


So I took a break. Shocking.

My page views have taken a hit since I started officially full-time (previously freelance) as I can’t manipulate my working hours in the same way. But that’s alright – I still have random nonsense to talk about.

  1. Blogging is so much hard work

    I can’t even begin to tell you how much hard work it realistically is. I would say when I’m putting up posts 3 times a week, realistically, blogging takes up about 8 hours of my time a week. Then I have 8 hours for my own clients. So basically, my whole life is Digital Marketing, but I’m pretty happy with that.

  2. The community isn’t flawless

    Let’s be honest, any community has its flaws, including blogging. There is this big misconception that the blogging community accepts everybody, but honestly it’s a bit like high school. Some people are more popular than most, some people are classed as the ‘argumentative ones’ of the community, and others are just generally outcasts (like myself).

    The blogging community is what you make of it however and it can be a super rewarding thing if you want to make it that way. Regardless there will be someone out there that is like you.

  3. You won’t always love it

    There have been many times I’ve wanted to just give up on this blog, but hasn’t everyone? And it’s not even Blogger’s block half the time, it’s just me being either A. lazy B. just too tired. I have to think of the times that people have complimented my blog or have written me a heartfelt DM about something to carry on.

  4. Blogger’s Envy is very real

    You will get envious of other bloggers. Especially when their blogs are more popular than yours, and you find their writing style difficult to read which leads to you wondering, ‘Why is she/he so popular?!’. It happens. But you gotta move on, plus blogging is so saturated these days, just because someone has more hours in their day to blog and subsequently work on it, doesn’t mean that your blog is any less successful. Everybody’s in a completely situation – It’s just finding a way to work around your blog.

  5. If you stick with your blog, it will probably consume your life

    You will want to Instagram absolutely everything (and get upset because yours isn’t as good as other bloggers). Snapchat might take over your life. And you might (like me) buy products based around blog topics.

    All in all, my blog is quite an expensive deal. But that’s simply because I choose it to be. If I’m gonna buy a certain lipstick, I might as well buy one that I can review right?

What have you learnt from blogging?


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  • Totally agree with you about how much hard work blogging is! Photography, photo editing, writing, scheduling tweets… it all takes lots of time! In July I was working a 40 hour week and also blogging everyday! It was exhausting, but I really enjoyed being so busy!


    • Eleanor

      It really does! You really get to figure out what you want from blogging over time as well 🙂 There’s lots of quite mundane bits to it as well. E x

  • I totally agree about not always loving your blog… If it’s not bloggers block there’s always something I want to change (photos/ layout etc) ahh!


    • Eleanor

      Always haha! e x

  • I so much agree, blogging is time-consuming but also time rewarding. Who likes writing will enjoy blogging but it is also a must to know a minimum of HTML, CSS, because a blog is like a house: you can give parties, and gatherings and offer nice pastries to little kids but… you must clean it, decorate it, protect it , renew it…


  • Vicky

    Number 2 is sooo true!! There’s definitely a cliquey aspect to blogging and there are so many people who have been around forever that have no time for newbies.
    On the other hand I’ve met lots of lovely people through blogging.

  • Very insightful! I started blogging in August, so everything’s still quite new for me x



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