5 Subscription Boxes That Are A Little Different

I love a good subscription box. My childlike inner-me gets a lot of joy out of having something to open every month. And even though Christmas is in two days, these make great presents throughout the year. And I would want them, which is most important after all.

In no particular order, here are my favourite subscription boxes:

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  1. The Tipple Box: 

    If you go back deep into this blog’s archives, the tipple box may even be mentioned. It’s an alcohol subscription box that sends you ingredients for fancy cocktails (which it provides the recipe for). You also get fancy alcohol, everything from flavoured vodkas to fancy whiskey to make cocktails out of. You generally get 6 small bottles (200ml usually) which you can create the cocktails out of. Every box is completely different.

    The box itself is £24 as a one off, and £69 for three months. You get a decent amount of alcohol and it’s pretty unique!
    Colours & Carousels also recently did a blog post on the Tipple Box if you fancy taking a closer look at the insides of it.

  2. Makerly Craft Box:

    Makerly is a craft kit subscription box for those crafty guys and gals in your life. You can choose between a ‘stitch-up’, ‘paper-cuts’ and mish mash box. A stitch up box is sewing related, a paper-cuts box is for paper craft and mish mash is well, a bit of everything!

    I love how affordable these boxes are, all of them are £12 each. Each box is unique and you get to make something new and different each month. If like me, the main problem you have with doing craft related things is actually getting the materials, then this box is for you.

  3. Bloom N Wild Box: 

    Who doesn’t want a luxe bunch of flowers delivered to their door every month, right?

    Bloom N Wild has some stunning flower arrangements and honestly I lust after them all. They’re one of the UK’s highest rated flower delivery services and are a little more special than your average ALDI bouquet. They’re more on the expensive side, with 3 months of flowers starting at £50. But you get a decent amount and they’re fresh.

  4. The Beautiful Book Company:

    The Beautiful Book Company is all about providing a selection of bespoke books to book lovers across the UK each month. They provide Book Boxes and ‘Book A Months’. These are great value in general to be honest.

    Each book box comes with a selection of 6 books, starting from as little as £29.99. For the ‘Book A Month’ option, you pick a few personal favourite books, which they go off of to determine which book you will receive that month! It’s pretty wonderful. 

  5. The London Tea Company: 

    I’ve actually written about this company before on the blog and it’s great for the gal or guy in your life that loves tea! (Pretty self explanatory really…) You firstly pick a range of teas you like, your preferences, which this company goes off of to determine which teas you will receive! Suitable for even the most traditional of English Breakfast only types.

    They come beautiful packaged in adorable little test tubes and you get plenty of information about the teas themselves with each package.

Either I’ve gifted these boxes to someone or I’ve received them myself, and they’ve always been well received.

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What are your recommendations?


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  • Cat

    The Tipple Box sounds awesome! It looks pretty, too!

    • Eleanor

      Right?! Makes such a nice little gift. ex

  • I love these ideas, I hadn’t heard of them before and the tea and books one sound especially gorgeous! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Paris x


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