5 Productive Things Bloggers Can Do On Commutes 

I’m all about making the most out of my commute time so I thought I would compile another post for blog tips.

I travel for 2 hours a day in total and honestly I get so much done in that time. Ahem, I’m even writing this blog post on the train write now. Whilst I do think it’s important to give your brain a little break, and I don’t do this every day. Most of these do require data unfortunately so please

Disclaimer: Most of these do require data unfortunately so please be aware if you travel on the tube!

I do and have a lot of commitments that need to be attended to, so here’s what I do!

1. Write blog posts

Okay, this is a little obvious. Right now I’m using my iPhone to write this and for some this must seem a little strange. I don’t write all of my blog posts on the train. My most personal ones are best written with a laptop. But! I will say that posts that are more tips and reviews are great to write on my train.

I use the WordPress app and I believe there is also a blogger app as well. It cuts down time and leaves my evenings only having to edit photos! Easy peasy. If you don’t want to use your data for this, you can always write it in a Notes app.

The only thing I will say is make sure to save it as a draft, as it’s so easy to just hit publish by accident.

2. Schedule Social Media messages via Buffer

Honestly I can’t remember the last time I didn’t use my phone to schedule social media messages for my blog. I also do this for clients as well (with prepared copy, obviously). It makes my life 10x easier, plus the Buffer app is ridiculously easy to use.

I use the rebuffer function a lot, the amount I post is dependent on how many blog posts I’ve had out that week!

3. Prepare Invoices

I don’t have many invoices to file, but the ones I do, I do through apps. This blog isn’t monetised, and I don’t intend to as frankly I don’t want any more work on my plate haha!

I’ve used a few different apps for this and my go-to for now Invoice2Go. You can find this on the App Store and get a free trial. It’s easy to use and you can easily copy invoices from month to month.

4. Respond to emails

Mate, respond to your emails. I don’t know why people don’t do this any way, but respond to your emails whilst on your commute. It makes things a lot easier. It sounds so obvious, but getting backlogged with emails is so easy to do. Stop this practice while you can!

5. Twitter Chats

Engaging is just as important as shouting about your blog. Just FYI #TheGirlGang is on at 6pm on a Monday and I’m always on my commute at that time. You can often find twitter chats on around a commute time and they’re great to get involved with whilst you can.

Hopefully these tips don’t seem too obvious! I got a great response from my previous blog tips post on Time Management, and thought I would do another one.

Do you have any blog tips?

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  • Iga

    My commute time is usually fully given to Instagram. Like, share, comment – yeah Insta it is for me! Iga x http://www.igaberry.com

  • I don’t have as much time to do this when I’m going to work, because I only live a few minutes away… but I do use my breaks and mornings getting ready for work, responding to comments and socializing on both Twitter & Instagram. Being online more frequently has really helped up my blog views this week x