5 productive things you can do after graduation

If you’ve graduated, you will already know what I mean when I refer to the ‘what-am-I-doing-with-my-life’ crisis. I’ve compiled a job-not-required tips for those. It’s happened to pretty much every graduate I know, including myself. I am sorted with a job come September. But there is still some sense of uncertainty about the future and the best advice I can give on the subject is to just try and embrace the uncertainty. Some graduates can find it overwhelming, I work in the creative industries so do consider that!

Here are some tips for the graduate that are not necessarily job-related!

1.  Start an (online) portfolio:

It’s becoming increasingly known that freelancing is becoming the norm for many graduates in creative agencies. Portfolio’s are useful ways to showcase your writing, but also to just fill up your time. It can take quite a lot of effort, but set up an email address for your website, put a bit of your writing on it, bam, you’re done. Online portfolio’s are really useful for employers as it’s a nice way to showcase your best works.

2. Learn basic HTML & CSS:

There are so many free online tutorials for developing your HTML & CSS skills (such as this one). In agencies, it’s becoming increasingly expected to know and use basic HTML & CSS in agencies for the obvious reason that the online world is just growing and growing. Learning these skills as a writer often requires your own personal effort, outside of your studies, as a lot of the time it’s not included on your course for various reasons, which is also another reason employers can think ‘oooh they make an effort in life’.

3. Start a blog!

Right okay, obviously this has some personal influence, but it’s another really good way to showcase how you write. Starting a blog and actually sticking to it takes a long time, and if you’re a bit of a perfectionist like me, you will be obsessed with improving it as much as possible. It takes dedication and a lot more work than people think, I’m also due to get work as a blogger with agencies, and no matter how many people don’t understand why it, it’s completely worth it! I’m going to a #bloggersfestival in September in London, and it’s just a great way to meet like-minded people when you’re feeling lonely, plus networking.

4. Networking events:

This can be quite a confusing term. Post-university life can be quite a lonely one at times, especially if you can’t see your partner often. I have recently discovered a site called Meetups.com and I would completely recommend it. You never know what opportunities you can get through just simply meeting new people and it’s a way to stifle the loneliness at times.

5. Have fun!

Okay I think in this day and age, everybody is obsessed with the word, ‘productivity’. Honestly I don’t want to be productive 100% of the time, you know? Even our hobbies are meant to be ‘productive’. Have fun! You’ve graduated and whatever grade you got, be proud of it. It’s a lot of studying. Find new ways to have fun. Strike up a conversation with a stranger. Compliment one, why not? Go to art galleries and libraries.

Do you have any tips?

E x

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