5 photography tips… for those less inclined

photography tips for bloggers , fashion, beautyEven though I have only been part of the blogging community for the past month, this has been one of my most requested blog posts so far, a post about photography! I am by far no means an expert in the practice of photography, but a few bloggers feel quite alienated by all the technical terms in photography that are used so I’m gonna keep it casual. Here are my top 5 tips for photography, whether it’s a point and shoot camera or an expensive DSLR.

1. Get out of automatic mode:

This is probably the most obvious tip, but by far the most important. Don’t be stuck in the practice of P-Mode or automatic mode, get straight into manual if you can as it forces you to learn more quickly. Whilst P-mode does have it uses, it is important to understand manual mode as it offers you more ‘artistic licence’ in your pictures, allowing you to manipulate photos to the way you want them. Play around with ISO, aperture, shutter speed as these all affect the quality of your photos.

2. Shoot outside of your sphere:

Here’s a little confession, I hate shooting landscapes or still images, but I can still learn something from it. Get to grips with your camera and try many new and different styles of photography, whether that be just taking pictures of your dog/horses, it all helps. It’s so much easier to improve if you’re trying out different modes. I still shoot landscapes but I find it boring as hell, but I still develop from it and get occasionally some good shots.

3. Content is key, not your equipment:

Recently blogging has spread out more as a ‘professional’ thing to do and with that comes expecting studio lighting, microphones and a brand spanking new DLSR. Here to break it to you, it’s not needed. Whilst it does help to have fancy cameras, it doesn’t mean you will be able to take a ‘quality’ photo and by quality, I mean whether you know how to use it. I currently do some freelance work for professional fashion photographers helping them out on shoots and it pains me to see people using their equipment to put it bluntly, wrong. Whilst there is no wrong way to ‘do’ photography by any means, there’s no point having fancy equipment if you don’t understand the principle concept of content as king.

4. Focus:

I have to admit this is often a tip I forget, you can alter the focus/AP points, or as I would put it, where the thing you want to focus on the most. You can focus the AP points on certain aspects of a photo, in bloggers terms, if you want to focus on your lipstick in a photo then you can change the focus points. This is not necessarily an incredibly important point if you cannot have a low aperture setting (where the background of the photos can be really blurry), so don’t worry about it.

5. Have fun!:

There is a definitely a certain style of photography on blogs that is everywhere, visually I get quite bored some times. Try to be creative in your work and ultimately have fun! Do not feel like you have to present a certain style of photography on your blog, sometimes you may want soft-edges to your images, sometimes you may want crystal clear. Honestly have fun and experiment with the manual settings as much as you can.

If you are wondering what lenses I own, I own a Canon 50mm Mark 2 Lens, a 55-250mm Canon Lens, 10-18mm Canon lens.
YouTube has a great offering of individuals as well, check these out! I also shoot in RAW format as it’s easier to edit (even though I avoid editing as much as possible).

YouTube has a great offering of individuals as well, check these out!
DigitalRev.TV (Great for if you need some more creative fun, cheap ideas!)
Chris Winter (Great for reviews!)
FroknowsPhoto (Shoots portraits!)

What cameras do you own and what is your biggest struggle with photography? Let me know in the comments!

E x

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  • What a fantastic post! I just got a DSLR camera and I’m learning to use it…a little day by day. I’ll be buying a 50mm lens this week, as I find it can make anyone a pro! Haha! Great tips – thank you!

    • Thank you! 50mm Lens’ are great for beginners, it took me ages to finally get one.
      Thank you so much for the lovely comment and thanks for the follow!
      E x

  • You’re welcome! Keep the great posts coming!


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