5 Favourite Instagram Accounts by Bloggers

Like most bloggers these days, I’ve got a love/hate relationship with Instagram. Since the new algorithm (that’s irreversible) and new timeline layout (that’s also irreversible), my engagement has decreased. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t receive some spam comment, most recently ‘#Legit’… Seriously? (seriously though you can find me here)

Minor rant over, but here are 5 Instagram accounts I’ve seriously been loving recently in no particular order!

  1. Emmie – @carpediememmie

    I’ve always loved Emmie’s Insta. It changes seasonally and balances perfectly having a strict theme with just life in general. Her posts always look so effortless and she’s also a pretty fab person to chat to as well. I love how they perfectly capture Emmie’s blog as well, which is a mixture of a lot of lifestyle sort of things!

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  2. Anne – @AnneSmiless

    Anne has a super infectious positive, fitness-style Insta that I’ve only recently discovered. I love how her personality is not super serious (for a fitness blog) and there are a lot of smiles in Anne’s instagram and honestly it makes such a change from many #fit instas.
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  3. Rhianna – @RoboweCop

    If I didn’t include RoboweCop in this blog post, I think I’d be lying to myself personally. Genuine instagram envy over here for Rhianna’s insta feed. It’s a mixture of personal, themed and blog related, but I don’t know how she manages to get the balance so perfect.

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  4. Katie – @katiebwrites

    Katie knows how to edit instagram photos. Her photos look effortless though and I’m honestly in awe. Her photos are super bright, but don’t look forced and they’re styled and again give me insta envy. Also features a lot of coffee which is good in my books.

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  5. Dee – @promptsbydee

    Dee’s instagram I love because it’s so different. I’ve never found an instagram that satisfies all fandom culture so well. Very Harry Potter focused, but still personable. Honestly, so different! Can I put it any other way?

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Annddd, you can find me here on Instagram where I update daily.

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What are your favourite instas? Feel free to leave yours in the comments!

3 comments so far.
  • Ooh I love some of these accounts already and am off to follow KatieB because anyone who posts regularly about coffee has to be in my feed! xx

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

  • Sally

    I love Rhianna’s Instagram, definitely going to check out the rest!!

    The Makeup Directory

  • The only Insta I follow from this list is Rhianna’s (and yours ofc). I love finding new people so will definitely have to check these out!

    Laura Wardrobe


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