3 Podcasts to Brighten Up Your Commute

If you’ve never listened to podcasts, you’re seriously missing out. They make such a difference to my commute and get me really motivated to work hard. Plus they’re a bit different to Spotify and on those dark spots of my commute (no signal), they’re so much better, as they don’t just cut out. I use the podcast app on my iPhone and it’s really easy to use. A bath, a glass of vino and a podcast just brightens up a long rubbish day. Plus we all love a good list, am I right?

Let’s just say, these are the podcasts you should really be listening to

  1. Pardon My French I’ve literally only just discovered this podcast, but god I’ve been loving it. It’s an incredibly uplifting and positive podcast (but not annoyingly so). She records her podcasts in coffee shops around New York and it really works. It doesn’t feel in any way staged and her most recent guest was Zosia Marmot discussing how to find balance. It’s definitely one for anyone in their twenties fumbling about – which is pretty much everyone in their twenties. It’s run by Garance Doré and the French accent is perfect.
  2. Call Your Girlfriend Seriously where have you been if you’ve not listened to this podcast? Call Your Girlfriend is for pretty much everybody with a long-distance bestie. Ever had those chats that go on for like an hour? Yeah, this is exactly that. They talk about everything from feminism to hating your job. They also bring on some pretty cool guests which is a plus – It’s a really happy podcast and I religiously listen to it.
  3. The Self Help Podcast This is the only British podcast that made this list and that’s simply because us Brits aren’t so big on podcasts. It’s still sadly very much an American thing really. It’s run by Edward Lamb and Sean Orford and you can follow them on Twitter. It’s quite a funny podcast that covers all sorts of topics to do with mental health and wellbeing. But it still keeps it light – which is why it’s made this list.

Now I’ve got one regular piece of work at an agency, I have a commute for 3 days of the week! Freelancing is quite a weird business and I’ve brought on some fantastic clients so far. If anybody would like me doing a post about it, let me know!

What are your podcast recommendations?!


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  • I 100% recommend Hello From The Magic Tavern! It’s so funny.
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

  • I’ve been looking for ages to find a new podcast to listen to, I love listening to them in the car on the way to work. On the train though I never know where to look lol. Great post, will have to check a few of this out. What app do you use to listen to podcasts?



    • I just use my iPhone Podcast app 🙂 Thank you for reading! I find word of mouth the main way I discover new podcasts haha.


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