3 Under Hyped Books You Should Read

Since I’ve made the transition from literature student to graduate, I’ve picked up my fair share of books. Ones that I’ve never studied or heard of before. Under hyped books so to speak.

I love reading under hyped or little known books as you have no idea what to expect. Going into these books is just completely unexpected, you have no idea if you’ll enjoy the reading style or not. Luckily for me with these books, I did.

So in no particular order, here are some under hyped books I’ve been enjoying recently…

1. The Master and the Margarita, Mikhail Bulgakov

The Master and the Margarita is magical realism at its core. I fell in love with this book, after buying it and having no idea what to expect. It tells the love story of both the ‘Master’ and ‘Margarita’, but their lives get utterly transformed by a magician/demon called.

The premise of the book preys on anxieties in Russia concerning the rise of the enlightenment and the disintegration of ‘god’. It’s very easy to read, however does jump around in terms of time and isn’t chronological. Great if you’re into magical Victorian books.

2. Summer House in Swimming Pool, Herman Koch

Okay so honestly Herman Koch needs to be read more. If you love murder mysteries and books concerning utterly terrible humans, you’ll love this. It’s written in a slight chuck palahniuk ‘Fight Club’ style.

This is a murder mystery, but works its way backwards, rather than forwards chronologically. It is pretty f***** brutal at points in honesty.

This book concerns the lives of the rich and famous and how an ‘innocent’ doctor to the stars gets caught up in a murder trial.

3. The Day of the Tryffids, John Wyndham

The Day of the Tryffids is apocalyptic fiction, similar to War of the Worlds in one sense. It follows the rise of man-eating plants, which does sound slightly ridiculous when I type that. It’s set in quaint towns based across the South Coast of Britain.

I really enjoyed this as apocalyptic fiction goes, I found it better than War of the Worlds as this also preys on psychological anxieties of the post-war period. For example, paranoia about fascism. It’s quite a short read, as you can see and I finished this in a few days.

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Do you have any under hyped book recommendations?

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