10 Happy Habits for the New Year

Cheesy title, ever so slightly cheesy blog post.

Honestly I love a good self-empowerment/happiness blog post and as it’s New Years very soon, I thought I’d put together my own cheesy little blog post! These are the most privilege, white-girl gifts to myself, so please don’t hate me.

These are my little goals for 2017 (how scary does that year sound?) and I’d love to know yours in the comments.

Buy flowers regularly:

Flowers instantly brighten up my day and I often question why I don’t buy them more regularly. They brighten up my room, smell nice and are a nice little treat. I’m hoping to buy a bunch each month throughout 2017.

Practice Mindfulness properly:

I’ve attempted it several times, but have never stuck with it. As I am a naturally anxious person, I think it will be a great way to destress a little each day. Taking breaks is so important for me (which you can read more about here) and I hope 2017 will see me continue to realise that not doing everything all the time isn’t such a bad thing.

Wear perfume every day:

I don’t wear perfume every day and I wish I did. Honestly it’s just a waste of money for me otherwise and it also gives me an extra spring in my step.

Cook new things:

I’m a woman of habit. I have a few meals that I cook and I cook them on rotation. It’s easy, and I enjoy it, however I do wish I cooked different meals and actually used those cookbooks I own.

Stop putting off buying things:

I do this all the time. I put off buying things I actually need or lust after something for months on end. I can’t believe I’m saying this as a blogger, but I actually have a problem not buying things.

Be less bitter:

I’m getting older and whilst I wouldn’t consider myself a bitter person, it does happen. Everybody’s getting married, moving in with partners, getting fantastic opportunities… The reality is I’ve had a pretty good 2016 with plenty of amazing opportunities and new people. Being bitter is not really going to solve anything.

Continue to grow out and paint my nails more:

Another superficial one, but I’m super happy with the fact that my nails are longer than they were in 2015. I can actually paint them for a change! I do have moments of weakness, but they’re becoming less and less.

Stick with a hobby or rediscover an old one:

I don’t like being bad at things. I’m beginning to notice this more and more as I get older, but it’s a trait I need to push past. There are a lot of things I’m just, to put its bluntly, completely crap at.

Visit friends and family more:

I need to visit family more. Friends I already visit quite regularly, but family I don’t see enough of. As much as they infuriate me at times, I think I’ll feel a little more distant once I move out in less than a week!

Stick to some of these habits…

Okay bit of a cop-out, but sticking to new habits is a goal in itself really. Continuing to take care of my mental health is also another important goal for me in 2017.

I’d love to know some of your own habits and personal goals for 2017! Leave them below!

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3 comments so far.
  • I would love to surround myself with flowers! I love this post of yours and I will keep some of these things in mind too this year! ^-^ My mum has a habit of putting off buying things and I keep telling her to change that. Hehe. xx


  • I love love fresh flowers!! They always look and smell so nice! But I know what you mean about perfume, I always forgot to put it on haha!!

    Nicole x

  • Flowers are my number one happy thing! I love going to Columbia Road Flower Market on a Sunday morning to pick some out – I should do that more often. Another thing I want to do is explore London more!

    Anne-Sophie x


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