10 Feel Good Movies On Netflix For A Chill Day

This gal loves a good movie. From the obvious ones to the less so, here are my top 10 favourite feel good movies on Netflix.

Honestly, what did we all do before Netflix?  

  1. Matilda

    If you’re a book lover and you didn’t want to be Matilda growing up, who even are you? Aside from the obvious child neglect, of course. Matilda loves books, has awesome magical powers and saves the day for kids everywhere. This is such a nostalgic film for me and I think all the characters are spot on.

  2. Legally Blonde 2

    WHAT A FILM AM I RIGHT? Legally Blonde 2 is one of the more adult choices on this list and is all about Elle Woods continuing her pink domination of politics. Not only is she my girly spirit animal, but Elle Woods is genuinely a good character to inspire you if you’ve ever felt too dumb in your life.

  3. 13 Going On 30

    A recent addition to Netflix’s collection, 13 going on 30 is what I watched as a teen. It was probably my first ‘chick-flick’ and it still holds a little nostalgic place in my heart. As far as feel good movies on Netflix go, this is a pretty good chick-flick pick about a teenage girl that wakes up in the body of a 30 year old. (Plus it’s got a great dance at the end!)

  4. Shrek

    SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME that Shrek is a great film. And it is, it really is. Shrek is so good, I mean screw the sequels, because the first one is infinitely better. The soundtrack’s awesome, the characters are great and mate, I get pure happiness from it.

  5. Fantastic Mr. Fox

    Okay another Roald Dahl film, but I couldn’t not include this. Fantastic Mr. Fox is perfect for adults and children alike, the cute animations and the story really come alive in the film adaptation. Plus heartwarming as hell.

  6. Chicken Run

    I can legitimately quote this movie as the script is so memorable. A bit of a British classic, Chicken Run is about a group of chickens that want to escape from their miserable life on a farm. It’s really heartwarming and the lines really make me giggle in it.

  7. Mamma Mia: The Movie

    Maybe just because I have an obsession with ABBA or maybe more. I recently watched Mamma Mia: The Movie and forgot how much of a stella movie it is. Where else can you find Mr. Darcey and James Bond singing sweet ABBA tunes? The whole thing makes me so happy and singing along to all the tunes is even more fun.

  8. White Chicks

    White Chicks is a little more adult, but brings such a smile to my face. Inappropriate, yet still so good, this feel good movie essentially takes the piss out of two white, upper-class girls. It’s great and if you’re prone to silly humour this is for you.

  9. Flushed Away

    An animated comedy with the voice of Hugh Jackson and Kate Winslet as a pair of rats? Hell yeah! Another film from the producers of Chicken Run, Flushed Away is about a rat that literally gets flushed down the toilet. It’s animated, ridiculous and super easy to watch.

  10. Bride Wars

    I had to include a ‘it’s so bad, it’s good’ film didn’t I? Bride Wars is a feel-good movie in a trashy, ‘chick-flick’ kind of way featuring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson who get into a huge argument regarding their weddings. They both seek to sabotage each others weddings and it’s hilarious.

Netflix makes everything so much easier, doesn’t it?

What are your favourite feel good movies on Netflix?

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  • I love The Fantastic Mr. Fox!! Such a good film. I recently discovered “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” which is super cute and magical, I couldn’t recommend it enough 🙂 x