10 Cute Inexpensive Date Ideas To Try

If you’ve been dating someone for a while, you know what I mean. Sometimes coming up with inexpensive date ideas can be a freakin’ pain. Luckily my boyfriend isn’t too fussy and is up for most things so that’s not a struggle, but sometimes finding something you can both mutually agree upon can be long.

10 Cute Inexpensive Date Ideas, Date Ideas, Manchester Date Ideas

Here are my top inexpensive date ideas:

  1. Try out each other’s hobbies

    This can actually be really fun. I’m down for learning pretty much anything and if you are too, you’ll probably like this. There are probably hobbies your boyfriend has that you don’t do. My boyfriend for example loves playing Battlefield and fixing things. I however, love blogging, going for walks and reading.

    Having a go at each others hobbies and interests can be a super cheap and inexpensive way to experience a date. It’s fun, different and you’ll learn something about each other.

    10 Cute Inexpensive Date Ideas, Date Ideas, Manchester Date Ideas, Ironbridge, Shropshire

  2. Bake or cook together

    My love of snacks and food related activities knows no end. And baking or cooking together can be a great way to kill some time and actually feel like you’ve done something with your day. It’s productive and fun to do together. As somebody that largely cooks for one, it can be nice to cook something that isn’t just a stir fry or the fiftieth round of cous cous you’ve had that week

  3. Netflix the shit out of your day

    Some may knock me for this suggestion, but hey don’t knock the Netflix and chill. It can be really nice to just have an endless supply of tea, snacks and movies to watch throughout the day. FYI we recently watched Get Out and it was great. Would recommend for anyone that likes a good thriller. Also I do have a blog post with some sweet Netflix recommendations as well which you can see here.

  4. Head to a local market

    Local markets are a great place to a great little mooch about. I live in Manchester and when Adam comes to visit, we often check out and see if any markets are running that day. The Makers’ Market for example is one of my faves. They’re great places to explore and you can find all sorts of lovely little gifts and food stalls. These sort of places usually open you up to explore the local area as well after, so for us it becomes a full day event.

    10 Cute Inexpensive Date Ideas, Makers Market Manchester, Makers Market

  5. Go old school and head to a bar

    I think when you’ve been dating a while, you can become a little bit more tame so to speak. You don’t go to bars as much and sometimes it can be lovely to just have one or two drinks in a bar you used to hang out in when you first started dating.

    Ours is Luck Lust Liquor & Burn in Manchester (who also do excellent burritos FYI) and it brings back dem memories.

  6. Go to a Comedy Club

    Comedy Club’s are one of those places people think are expensive. They’re actually really not – they’re bare cheap and whether you find the act funny or not, at least it’s a night out and you can moan about it after. I’ve been to my local Comedy Club a few times and it easily is lots of fun.

    It does admittedly feel a little weird at first, if you’ve never been to one, but once you get used to it it’s fine.

  7. Go to the beach

    Most people in the UK have a beach accessible to them. You’d be surprised by just how many beaches there are out here in the UK. Beaches are so much fun all year round, whether it’s just walking along them or having a paddle, I love going to the beach. It’s a great day out and I usually get to pet lots of dogs. #priorities

  8. Visit a small local town

    This is probably a little bit more relevant and appealing to anyone that lives in a city like myself. But an escape to the country (see what I did there?) can be brilliant. As a bit of a country lass, heading to a local quiet town gives me a bit of headspace for my anxiety and I find the whole experience of exploring a new place wonderful. Especially if it’s with the boyf.

    10 Cute Inexpensive Date Ideas, Date Ideas Manchester, Alabamas,

    Exploring a new place is probably my favourite one on this inexpensive date ideas list. We recently headed to Ironbridge Gorge and it was lovely!

  9. Visit a local museum or art gallery

    A bit of an obvious one on this list, but still relevant. Art galleries and museums often have new exhibitions going on to go and visit and they’re often incredibly cheap or free. You’d be surprised by just how many of them are out there. Meandering around a museum or art gallery is one of my favourite things to do in general.

  10. Hit up Groupon

    And last but not least on this inexpensive date ideas list, Groupon. Don’t knock Groupon, Groupon is a great way to find something cheap to do at last minute. There’s all sorts of ridiculously cheap offers and deals on there running throughout the year, so it’s a great place to look for things to do.

There you have it, my top 10 inexpensive date ideas, in no particular order. I hope this helped someone get a little spark of inspiration and energy to go on actual dates.

What are your favourite dates to go on?


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