5 Mailing Lists you need to follow!

Oh I know, when you think of mailing lists you think of tireless spam in your email inbox from companies you bought that one bra from three years ago. However, mailing lists can come in handy for the thrifty savers. I’ve compiled a quick list of larger clothing companies that have decent mailing lists, with decent offers for fashion and beauty. In no particular order, here we go…


This may seem the most obvious of the bunch, but getting notifications from ASOS can be particularly good. Over the past couple of years, ASOS have seen a boom in sales and their company, often appealing and marketed towards students (20% NUS discount!). Sales are very frequent at ASOS, but ‘the good stuff’ tends to sell out remarkably fast resulting in completely odd sizes. My personal favourites to look out for are the shoe sales and the dress sales (as these are my two favourites to use)

2. Beyond Retro

A nifty little retro clothes store. Primarily, most of their clothesware is ‘vintage’ clothing. Sales run very often continuously and currently are running at 4421 items in the women’s section. Replicating almost what it is like to go into retro and vintage stores, it requires a lot of sifting through as vintage clothing appeals to many different individuals who are attracted to different eras. It would also be a good idea to measure yourself in inches/cm as a lot of the classic styles, like a red 50s pencil skirt, require measuring.

3. Pop Boutique

Another ‘Retro’ store that every now and then I visit. The problem I have with Pop Boutique is that it sometimes is quite pricey and I often have trouble sifting through items, and rarely find ones I like in store. This is where the mailing list comes in. Online, Pop Boutique have a wide variety of clothing items and it gets rid of that vintage store fumbling about. The sizes furthermore do not go very high (above size14) so if you struggle with this problem, it may sadly not be for you.

4. Debenhams

This may seem like a bit of an odd one. Debenhams is good for last minute formal wear and the deals are particularly good online. Sales run very regularly and if you’re in desperate search of a suit or formal outfit at last minute, this is a good one to go to.

5. Mango

Not particularly known for being affordable (and the prices have gone up in recent years), Mango are what I would say are a more up-market H&M. Being quite similar to Zara, Mango boast minimalistic styles for everyday use, whether you’re feeling a ‘dressy up’ day or a casual one. A lot of straight cuts can be seen at this store, and the offers are brilliant for simple, but effective clothing pieces.

I will be doing a piece on some more independent clothing shops I have found, if you want any particular styles or wear, let me know!

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  • Great post and very helpful too!


  • great post! i always have the ASOS ones in my inbox and they’re great to look through

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

    ps. win some amazing USA beauty goodies from lorac, tarte etc on my blog! click here.

    • Thanks very much! I just discovered that this comment was accidentally put in my ‘spam’ folder annoyingly.
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