Being a newbie blogger in this day and age can be utterly overwhelming at times.

I’m not classed as a new blogger perse, but I’m still quite a small one. Recently, I’ve seen so many bloggers feeling a little downhearted with numbers and stats, which is perfectly normal let’s be honest. Every blogger, no matter what size, can feel a little down-hearted and that’s perfectly fine.

Blogging small victories are the best. Every now and then, we can get disheartened – this post is to celebrate all the things that keep us going as bloggers.

But I thought I’d put together this post to celebrate the however small victories we all experience as (small) bloggers when we’re having a ‘blog rough patch’.

  1. 1. Getting a comment on a blog post:

    For me, blogging is about the community and generating conversation. Getting little comments on my blog posts makes my day. I may be crap at replying to them all, but I do read them and it makes me smile to myself on my lunch break at work.

    It’s also great to know that somebody’s taken time out of their day to read my blog.

  2. Reaching a stat milestone:

    Let’s be honest, we all like people reading our blogs. Knowing that somebody would follow me on Twitter/Instagram etc. and listen to my rambles makes me feel so good!

  3. The feeling when someone opens out to you:

    Because I write hella personal posts on here every now and then, it’s so heartwarming when somebody reaches out to me via DM or PM. I often find that some posts I write about are quite difficult to read (for various personal reasons), but when some people reach out after they’ve felt alone in their situation, it feels obviously sad that somebody’s has had to go , but still heartwarming.

  4. Seeing yourself develop in self confidence:

    My blog has developed so much since I started blogging here. It’s so great to see the progress I’ve made and see how my writing has evolved into something that is so much more me than last year. My self confidence in my writing has sky-rocketed since starting this little blog.

    It’s all down to developing my own voice and figuring out what I want in life through writing (as cliched as that sounds).

  5. When you finally figure out that thing that has been bugging you for ages:

    We all know the feeling. When you switch from blogger to wordpress or vice versa, and you finally have your blog sorted. When you figure out how to install Google Analytics. When you learn a new piece of SEO info. These are all things, we as bloggers, love and as frustrating as it is sometimes to be a blogger, it’s so worth it when you come out of the other side.

I don’t think many realise how much of a commitment blogging can be nowadays. Don’t get me wrong, blogging is what you make of it and I’ve discussed this in this post on beginner’s blogging. 

What are your blogging small victories?

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