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Manchester had some glorious weather last weekend and I took full advantage. I wear dresses and skirts a lot, I

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Hello, folks! Essentially a few months ago, I decided I wanted to treat my blog seriously, but in a different

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You know when you’re supposed to be buying things you actually need and you just sort of wander into LUSH

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Oh hello, remember me?  I’ve not blogged in ages, well what’s new there? In the last few months, I’ve been

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Frazzled, Ruby Wax, Eleanor, Millennials, Stress, Mindfulness, Elleanor Wears

Pretty much everybody has heard of the benefits of mindfulness these days. Frazzled by Ruby Wax is the perfect book

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Single on Valentines Day, Valentines Day, Galentines Day, Inspiring Quotes, Single, dating, dating bloggers,

So I fucked up, I was supposed to publish this post on Valentine’s Day but I’m a day late. I write

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So I’ve lived in Manchester for about 3 weeks now and it’s been a hectic first few weeks for sure.

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2016 was an okay year for my blog. I’m not overly happy with some of the content I produced in

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5 small victories to celebrate as a small blogger, Reasons to Blog,

Being a newbie blogger in this day and age can be utterly overwhelming at times. I’m not classed as a

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reading inspiration, getting back into reading, book bloggers, how to get back into reading, how to start reading again,

I’m a bookworm by nature, I mean would you expect anything less from an English Literature graduate? But even I

Hello! I’m Eleanor, a Digital Marketer, Lifestyle Blogger and general happy lass based in Manchester. I am a Lifestyle Blogger, meaning I essentially write about anything and everything from Feminism and food to my favourite beauty products. Enjoy!